Podcast #15 How to grasp the German market

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

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We Grow Webshops and Webshipper have joined forces! Together with We Grow Webshops Managing Director Maarten Vissers and Webshippers Sales Manager Peter Engedal Koch, we give you a thorough introduction on how to grasp the German market. A market where gaining trust from the German consumers, having a local presence online and a clear market knowledge is key! Knowledge you can attain with We Grow Webshops.  

The episode revolves around:

  • 00:00 Focus
  • 01:16: Introduction to Peter Engedal Koch and Webshipper
  • 02:04 Introduction to Marten Vissers and We Grow Webshops 
  • 04:02 A characterisation of the German market – Gaining trust 
  • 06:40 Key factors to be aware of 
  • 07:36 Be open to other markets – Amazon
  • 09:11 The right carrier agreement 
  • 12:03 Cultural barriers as a struggle 
  • 12:56 The partnership between We Grow Webshops and Webshipper 
  • 14:40 Dutch business cases in relation to the German market
  • 16:52 The biggest barriers in relation to the German market