Automate Tracking Notifications

Assure your customers about the whereabouts of their parcel at every step of the journey – from packing to last-mile delivery.


Show Your Customers 100% Transparency

Offer a great shopping experience. Keep your customers updated at all times with your own branded tracking emails and tracking site. An excellent tracking experience reduces the load on your support and creates returning customers.

Tracking Notifications

Send automated notifications to recipients regarding their packed and shipped parcel. Naturally you’re able to style all your notifications to match your brand.

From big to Bigger

Increase your customer base, when you scale your business to multiple countries. Utilize the language switcher to ensure that your customers always receive tracking notifications in the correct language.

Customize Tracking Mails

Brand consistency is key: Set up tracking e-mails that fits your brand. The HTML editor enables you to style your e-mails with tracking information for your customers as you please – the possibilities are endless!

Scale Your Business Globally?

Quickly create notifications in multiple languages when you are scaling to new markets.

Case Studies

Shaping New Tomorrow

How Shaping New Tomorrow automated their order flow with Webshipper.

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Webshipper helps MESSAGE to turn online order and shipping processing run exceptionally smooth.

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