Automated Tracking

The days of frustrated customers are over. Offer your customers full transparency, excellent customer service, and proactive communication with tracking messages.

Keep your customers engaged – cut down expenses

Does your shop receive an endless amount of  “where’s my package?”-questions? Is your customer service department spending most of its time answering these inquiries?

Many webshops have implemented an automatic chat function just to answer this question.
With a tracking tool from Webshipper, you can solve this issue while also reducing the hours spent in customer service answering questions about delivery.

According to a survey conducted by Verte, tracking is one of the most important tools for online customers. A whopping 91% of consumers are tracking their orders online. In case an order is delayed, 70% would prefer to continue checking the tracking information over calling customer service or the carrier.

Not only do customers love to track their orders, but your business can cut a lot of expenses and time from the customer service department.

Be proactive and keep your customers informed every step of the way!

Automated customer satisfaction

Customers feel engaged and secure when they’re kept in the loop about their shipment.

You can send an automatically generated email to the customers as soon as the shipment is scanned and sent from the warehouse. It will automatically trigger a tracking number to the customer allowing them to digitally join the shipping journey.

With continuous updates of the shipment’s exact location, the customer is always up to date on the shipping process, which will result in satisfied customers.

Customize your tracking messages

Make your shop recognizable. Stand out from your competitors with tracking messages customized to your webshop. Webshipper’s customized tracking messages offer consistency between webshop, brand, and tracking. You can decide exactly how you want the design and layout to look – the sky is the limit!

If you don’t have any specific wishes or needs for customized solutions, Webshipper offers a default version in a simple, smart design containing all the information you need.

Tracking as an effective marketing tool

Offering reliable tracking is not just good customer service – it can also be a clever marketing strategy. By customizing your tracking messages with a logo, brand, and a consistent design from the webshop, you’re more likely to stay on the customer’s mind. For future engagement, you can add links to your company’s social media, add personal messages, or even a voucher to encourage customers to come back.

Target the language

Make sure that nothing is lost in translation. You can set up the tracking messages in multiple languages. Focus on transparency and clear communication by meeting your customers in their preferred language.

How can track & trace help you?

  • Proactive solution to the “where’s my package?”-challenge
  • Save time and money
  • Cut down on hours in the customer service department
  • Engage the customer
  • Gain loyal, satisfied customers
  • Customize your messages

Webshipper is much more than just a tracking tool

We work with multiple carriers and focus on extensive options of integration, which makes Webshipper the ideal business partner. You are always more than welcome to give us a call at +45 89 87 83 15 if you would like a personal introduction to our products.

Our competent team is ready for a talk about the many possibilities available on our platform.

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