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Podcast #16 How to enter the German market successfully

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

When Danish webshops wish to expand globally they often look towards Norway or Sweden, when they should be focusing on Germany since the possibilities can be bigger. A market that contains many barriers why We Grow Webshops and Webshipper have gained forces in helping you enter the German market successfully, with the combination of technical system solution, digital marketing, local proposition and international distribution. 

We Grow Webshops Managing Director Maarten Vissers and Webshippers Sales Manager Peter Engedal Koch gives you do’s and don’ts, on how to break the barriers into the German market, so you can be the next German success. 

The episode revolves around:

  • 00:00 Focus
  • 01:19 Webshippers role regarding the partnership 
  • 03:39 We Grow Webshops role regarding the partnership 
  • 06:23 To consider Amazon
  • 10:00 Going into Germany 
  • Do’s and Don’ts 
    • 12:05 Local shipping contracts 
    • 12:31 Local representation
    • 13:08 Building a native webshop 
    • 13:58 Correct communication – German as a key language 
  • 16:11 The partnership between We Grow Webshops and Webshipper

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