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Podcast #14 Amazon – To conquer Sweden

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

After long termed future prospects, Amazon has finally arrived in Sweden. A mastodont that some webshop owners fear. In relation, Swedish Amazon-specialist Anna Nordlander focuses on its advent, what to benefit from its coming, how to succeed on the platform plus common mistakes in this Amazon-special of Webshippers podcast Ship It.  

We will focus on:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:47 Annas experience in relation to Amazon
  • 05:11 Amazon as a mastodont 
  • 09:19 The opening in Sweden 
  • 15:24 Amazon  – A friend or an enemy 
  • How to succeed
    • 16:05 To work from a customer perspective 
  • Common mistakes
    • 17:53 The lack of research 
    • 19:40 Missing legal details 
  • 21:57 To look after your customers

Please, also read the blog entry: The Swedish Amazon is here!


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