Make returns easy with a return portal

Automation is the future. Access to a user-friendly return portal makes handling return items easier for you and your customer.

Return Portal

Returns as a competitive advantage

Automation is the future. Access to a user-friendly return portal makes handling return items easier for you and your customer.

Using Webshipper’s return portal means that your company doesn’t need to set up its own suitable system. Our return portal has integrations with a wide variety of carriers, and the Webshipper-portal has countless integrations within web- and e-commerce platforms.

80% of consumers read the return policy before making a purchase. This proves the importance of having a return portal that simplifies the return process for the customer. As a result, you will gain more customers and keep your existing ones.

Do you need more? Build a customized return portal

Build a customized return portal with the help of Webshipper’s Shipping API.

Gain insight into your returns

Gain insight into why and what your customers are returning, so you can respond to and reduce returns.

Webshipper is an integration, which we use to automate our entire order flow. Complete automation allows us to spend much more time on all the things that are even more important for our business.
Christian Aachmann Co-founder & marketing director | Shaping New Tomorrow

How can Webshipper’s return portal help your company?

Time is money. Therefore, it’s a good investment to release time for you and your employees to focus on more important things in your business. The return portal will not only save you time and trouble – it will also make the return process easier.  

Webshipper’s return portal can help your business gain a better overview of all aspects of the return process. It helps you collect both your and your customers’ handling of returns in one platform, while also being integrated with a wide variety of carriers.

You’ll quickly notice a difference in the bottom line when you don’t have to spend money, energy, and time on handling the returns manually.

How can the return portal help you?

Webshipper’s return portal is comprehensive, easy to use, and includes these key functions:

  •  Make it easier for your customers to return products
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the risk of customers opting out of your shop
  • Increase the chances of the customer returning to your shop

In short, you can turn the return process into a competitive advantage with the help of a well-functioning return portal. The portal gives you a helpful overview of the returns. Furthermore, Webshipper allows you to make a customized return portal using our Shipping API.  

Our return portal is a treasure chest of information, as the customer can indicate the reason for the return, allowing you to gain insight into what the customer returns and why. These functions can help you react to and reduce the return rate.

Webshipper is much more than just a return portal

Our systems are comprehensive and easy to use. They offer you the following functions:

  • Multiple shipping options
  • Automatic customs
  • Print shipping labels
  • Save time on the return process
  • Branded tracking for a positive customer experience

Webshipper is a good business partner as we work with a wide variety of carriers and have a sharp focus on integration. If you would like an introduction to our return portal, you’re more than welcome to give us a call at +45 89 87 83 15 – and we can tell you all about the possibilities on our platform.

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