Return Portal

Worried about returns? By offering an easier and seamless return process of their purchased goods, you can encourage them to buy from you again.

The Webshipper return portal is easy to integrate, style, and use in your own webshop – turn the tedious return process into an easy and straightforward process.

Return Portal

Great Return Service = Returning Customers

The handling of returns is not history but has luckily been made pretty simple. This formerly strenious issue could take a toll on the value chain of your business from the warehouse manager, customer support, and – worst of all – your customers.
Luckily we’ve made it easy for you and your team to stay productive when processing returns.

Handle Returns Easily

A customer returning is still a customer. Make simple and intuitive returning a no-brainer. Provide with an easy and painless return process and get ready to greet your customers again.

Custom Tracking 

Provide customers with notifications that display a valuable tracking overview of every parcel ever shipped from you.

Simple Overview of Items to Return

Customers are able to easily choose which items to return from a complete list of specific items they’ve ordered. This can help you understand your supply from a customers view and possibly decrease your return rate substantially.

Optimize Return Handling

Let the return portal handle and process your returns quickly and efficiently. As your company scales with a larger number of customers, so do the returns – it’s only natural when you’re popular. Many returns can be tricky to handle – Webshipper provides an invaluable overview.

Give Your Customers a World-Class Return Experience

Optimize your repeat customer base with an easy to use and intuitive return portal. Automatically send the requested shipping labels to their e-mail, and let customers return their parcel in a nearby parcel shop

Build Your Own Custom Return Portal with Ease

Enrich your workflow by building your own custom return portal. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get going with your own branded customizations.
Get popular in the purchasing department by setting up reasons for returning an item and also give your customers an overview of their orders to smoothly choose which items to return.

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