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For some, T-shirts may seem basic and trivial but for four friends Anthon Louis, Frederik Pitter, Mathias Klitgaard and Frederik Skovgaard-Holm, T-shirts equals an endless pursuit of perfection. A pursuit that began in 2016 as a start-up project with the company Bare En T-shirt but quickly developed into an all-important passion. The project became known to everyone when the four friends participated in the 6th season of the Danish version of the tv-show Dragons Den, and secured an investment worth the amount of 1 mio. kr. for 25% of the company, shared between the two lions Jacob Risgaard and Christian Arnstedt. 

Want to get started too?

With volume comes challenges which we use Webshipper to solve, both regarding shipments and returns which we are extremely happy to make use of. So are our customers.
Frederik Pitter Co-Founder & CFO, Bare En T-shirt
Simpelt setup

Integrate with Shopify as Bare En T-shirt and have access to a wide range of possibilities such as paperless customs, automatic printing of shipping labels and much more!

Dialaegt - Bliv klogere med rapporter

2. Customized shipping labels

With Webshipper you have the opportunity of customizing your shipping labels with your own design and expression

Novictus - Track and trace

Make use of Webshippers return portal as Bare En T-shirt and give your customers the opportunity of returning their products easily. Your customers have the opportunity of reporting the cause of return plus refunding method after which a mail will be forwarded. 

Webshipper with Shopify - The perfect match

The motivation and ambitions were massive when the four friends decided to make the dream of the perfect T-shirt come true. From the beginning, they were determined on using a webshop in order to avoid unnecessary costs and to be as competitive as possible. In spite of their lack of experience, Mathias and Frederik decided to take the plunge and use Shopify, since the platform integrated fast and easily with Webshipper which, today, makes the foundation of Bare En T-shirts webshop. 

Before making the webshop a reality, several obstacles occurred along the proces. The biggest challenges occurred within two unknown fields: The cloth production and webshop configuration which, in the end, equaled an expensive lesson.

Why Bare En T-shirt chooses Webshipper

Due to the lessons, Bare En T-shirt decided to automate with Webshipper to secure a solid connection between webshop and logistics. With a numerous amount of setting possibilities, Webshipper was the right solution since the system made it possible for Bare En T-shirt to configure the system as required.

With the ambition of scaling to Sweden, plus the rest of Europe, Webshipper was able to keep track and integrate across a wide range of webshops and pass on translations to Swedish without complications.    


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