Entrepreneurs by heart

Two friends saw a gap in the market and created a Poster Print-on-demand brand.

When the poster company Novictus discovered an opportunity in the market and began to scale their business, they needed a system that could handle incoming orders and shipments from their many customers.

Novictus started small like so many other companies, finding an issue that could be solved in an easier way. Buying framed posters with glasses online was not easy.  The two friends Kevin Agerholm and Danni Leonhardt decided to do something about it. Therefore, they invested in an Epson printer, which they initially used in Danni’s apartment. Still, before long, it was necessary to move to a larger location and expand.

Novictus has today developed into an independent poster shop, both online and as a shop-in-a-shop in well-known Danish and foreign department stores.

Webshipper helps us develop our business in the sense that we now spend less time handling orders from our many customers. Instead, we can dedicate ourselves to our customers and develop new smart and cutting-edge products.
Kevin Agerholm Managing Director, Novictus

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A collaboration

Investing in the online poster market

Webshipper’s built-in opportunity for multiple order channels allows Novictus to integrate their many customers’ webshops directly into their own Webshipper account. From there, Novictus has an all-in-one solution that lets them handle the order easily and efficiently.

Webshipper gives Novictus total transparency. Their customers can always follow the order processing and track their orders and offer their customers the best customer service.

The endless number of order channels allow Novictus to scale their business at home and abroad. Webshipper naturally allows more printing stations and Novictus can always expand their production location with more packaging stations. They can even create a packaging station abroad if necessary – physical locations is not an obstacle.

By implementing Webshipper, Novictus also functions as an on-demand manufacturer and logistics provider. 

When one of Novictus customers receives an order in their webshop, the order automatically syncs to the Novictus’ Webshipper portal, where the order is then processed.

The poster is printed, framed, packaged, and sent with the correct carrier, Webshipper automatically create paperless customs, and the shipping labels are automatically printed together with delivery notes.

Simpelt setup

Simple setup

It’s easy for Novictus’ customers to set up and install Webshipper’s integration into their webshop. In most cases, this is Shopify or WooCommerce, but all webshops can integrate with Webshipper and Novictus.

Novictus - Automatisering


With the help of automation, the individual customer’s setup can be customized as they wish. Some customers want their posters to be framed, others have exceptional needs about the carrier.  Orders to be shipped outside the EU will automatically receive the correct tariff code and paperless customs documents.

Novictus - Track and trace

Track and trace

Webshipper’s tracking feature allows the recipient to follow the order from start to finish. The poster shop can always log in to the Novictus’ Webshipper portal and view the status of their orders. Tracking emails are customizable for each customer with logos and colors; Webshipper can also send tracking information back to the customer’s webshop if there is a need to use their email marketing program.


Key points about Novictus

  • Novictus is based in Roskilde, Denmark
  • They print and produce posters for a wide range of poster shops and artists
  • Founded in 2017


  • Have used Webshipper since 2019
  • Uses Webshipper automation, Webshipper order channels, Webshipper Locations, 
    Webshipper Custom Email notifications, Webshipper Printers, Webshipper Orders

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