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Katrine Lee Larsen fra Copenhagen Cartel er med i Webshippers ShipIt podcast.

When nature forces us to reinvent

Every year when the season of the monsoon arrives and the ocean currents change from west to east, Bali’s famous beaches are buried with up to 60 tons of plastic waste every day.

The young adventurous dane, Katrine Lee Larsen, worked in Bali and experienced the essence and beauty there is to Bali, but also the incredible sadness that the ocean hides. A way to combat the masses of plastic and waste lying on the beach, she would join several beach clean-ups, which could last up to 8 hours – only to find out the next day it was as if nothing had changed. 

Katrine knew she had to approach the issue from another angle. The answer would become her own sustainable and regenerating brand, Copenhagen Cartel.

Copenhagen Cartel produces swimsuits, sporting and yoga outfits made from the plastics found in the sea which are primarily old fish nets and other post-consumer plastic waste. 

By reusing the nylon from the extremely durable plastic waste, Katrine was able to produce new leisure related clothes, such as the popular swimsuits and also clean the oceans bit by bit.

Want to get started too?

Fast-paced success

Katrine quickly gained popularity with her new brand. Just three days after the launch Copenhagen Cartel was contacted by Copenhagen Fashion Week, and the fashion brand has since appeared twice on the catwalk to represent Denmark and sustainable fashion at Paris Fashion Week. 

One of the greatest experiences for the fashion company happened when appearing on the hit tv-show Dragon’s Den securing an investment from Blazar Capital of 700.000 DKK for 20% of the ownership. This meant Katrine could focus on Copenhagen Cartel full time and hire the competent Anne Karina as COO. The new qualified help and financial setup created a quantum leap for their ocean saving fashion journey.

The Webshipper platform has solved a big challenge for us as they have an integrated collaboration with our physical warehouse. We have experienced exceptionally good and fast customer service - this is crucial for us, as we need to take care of any problems and challenges as soon as possible.
Katrine Lee Larsen Founder & CEO, Copenhagen Cartel

1. Dynamic Shipping Rates

With the checkout feature integrated to their online shop, Copenhagen Cartel can display various shipping options based on their own criterias and agreements. 

By automating all shipping the swimsuit company doesn’t have to worry about any day-to-day logistics issues. 

Their warehouse solution also covers all notifications based around shipping for customers and also closes orders when handled. 

Connecting the dots

New and easy shipping solution

As a constantly scaling start-up no day or week are the same. This naturally means that lean processes must be an incorporated part of the business to grow. The solution Webshipper offered Copenhagen Cartel is agile because it’s easy and scalable; Webshipper grows with the business. By swiftly integrating to the company’s logistics partner, Webshipper could easily assist with delivery and shipping and relieve Copenhagen Cartel from all logistics issues. They still have full visibility to view all orders and much more through their own webshipper dashboard. 

  • The company was founded in the May 2019 with just Katrine Lee Larsen working on the project part time.
  • Today they successfully converted the business to a LLC with 4 owners and 2 employees
  • The production and manufacturing is limited to European partners which also helps limit the transportation of products to a minimum. 
  • Sustainability is also a keyword in packaging by utilizing conscious FSC-certified cardboard shipping envelopes.

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Katrine Lee Larsen fra Copenhagen Cartel er med i Webshippers ShipIt podcast.
Copenhagen Cartel

How Copenhagen Cartel automated their order flow with Webshipper.

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