Lagerkompagniet is a 3PL based in Herfølge & Tureby in Denmark. They handle your webshop stock, pick and pack and shipping, so you can focus elsewhere in your business.

Your way to success

Why use Lagerkompagniet

Lagerkompagniet pick and packs your orders all year round, so you can focus on other processes in your business. They make sure that you can scale your business, so when you experience growth, your 3PL is ready to follow the warehouse with staff and storage space.

Together with Lagerkompagniet, we can help to create value for your business.

We offer to call you and have a non-committal talk, where you will be guided to the best solution for you.

You are also welcome to take the dialogue with Lagerkompagniet.

Track and Trace

Send branded tracking emails to your customers


Automatic Print

Print and enclose invoices, parcels slips, and return labels.
Automatic print with a single scan.

Return Portal

Let your customers return their orders easily with your return portal.