Tecsys was founded in 1983 and has two offices in Denmark: Customers of Tecsys can expect reduced operating costs, improved customer service, and uncover great opportunities for optimization.

Your way to success

Why use Tecsys

The Tecsys WMS system is modular and developed by Tecsys, which means that virtually any request for special customization can be met. This gives you a program that contains only the features you need – even if you have only a few workers or are a bigger warehouse hotel with several users.

If you later want to expand to more modules, or have adapted further, this is just a simple expansion project.

Together with our partners, we can help to create value for your business.

We offer to call you and have a non-committal talk, where you will be guided to the best solution for you.

You are also welcome to take the dialogue with Tecsys.

Track and Trace

Send branded tracking emails to your customers


Automatic Print

Print and enclose invoices, parcels slips, and return labels.
Automatic print with a single scan.

Return Portal

Let your customers return their orders easily with your return portal.

Webshipper og Link Logistics

I samarbejde mellem Link Logistics og Webshipper giver vi mulighed for at integrere og fuldautomatisere fragt, logistik og lager.

1. Scale your business

Fleksible fragtløsninger – Når du vil sende en pakke via Webshipper på f.eks. 1 kg, finder Link Logistics’ system automatisk den løsning, der matcher den efterspurgte service.

2. Print labels

Nemmere og mere sikker eksport – Overvejer du at eksportere, eller er du allerede i gang med at eksportere til udlandet, f.eks. Sverige? Så er Link Logistics den helt rigtige integration for dig at bruge sammen med Webshipper.

3. Get the right strategy

Simpelt og brugervenligt bookingsystem – Endelig har Link Logistics, i samme ånd som hos os Webshipper, fokuseret på at lave et bookingsystem, der er nemt at bruge.