Trend: Home deliveries are peaking during Covid-19

Barbara Karen

Barbara Karen

Covid-19 has gradually created new routines for our new everyday life – this also regards consumer purposes. A statistics analysis published by PostNord regarding consumption habits in Europe in 2020 has been published, and it turns out that the pandemic has given the carriers plenty to do.

Face masks, keep a distance of 6 feet, and only a certain number of customers allowed in the store – these are some of the precautions we need to keep in mind when we venture out into the world now. As it turns out Europeans who order goods online, choose to have the packages delivered to their door at home or to the workplace instead of delivery to pick-up points.

As many as 86% of consumers in the United Kingdom choose to have the packages delivered, compared to 3% who picked up their parcels in a locker or distribution point. Home deliveries are also peaking in Scandinavia; 47% in Sweden, 49% in Denmark, and 64% in Norway.

This is a significant change, but not surprising. Covid-19 and its lockdown has meant that many people are at home much more, and at the same time home deliveries provide a better opportunity to keep their distance to others.

A good reason to have the goods delivered at home is of course to reduce the risk of infection and the contact chain, but often the saved time and trip down to the parcel shop is a big reason for choosing home delivery. 

Delivered foods are very popular goods in certain countries – and the Corona-virus plays a huge role. In Spain, as many as 30% have said they shopped online for groceries because of the pandemic, followed by France (22%), the UK (20%), and Italy (20%). The common denominator for these countries is that they were hit relatively hard by the pandemic. 

The trend has thus given the carriers plenty on their plate, and made online stores busy as bees. Time will tell whether consumers will also stick to home deliveries in a safer time after Corona.

PostNord,  E-commerce in Europe 2020