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After the dawn of the Corona pandemic, physical as well as online stores have had to think in new directions to stay alive. With a new way of thinking about sales, consumers have become more accustomed to online shopping and social media.

It has therefore become possible to use social media as channels for sale – a concept that is referred to as “Social Commerce” after both Pinterest’s “Shop the Look”, Instagram’s checkout and several social media that TikTok experiments with purchases through the platforms.

Attentive selling is the new black – again

But what is social commerce? Social selling is basically about marketing and relationship development on social media, which creates a more personal and credible connection between the company and potential customers.

So here is the opportunity to provide a customer experience beyond the usual – a bit like the home party concept of selling Tupperware, like we know from the 80s.

One method of good social selling is done, among other things, by means of live purchases or auctions, which is a relatively new concept reinforced by several closures, where customers sit at home and are passionate about being allowed to shop.

Easy Live Sales has further developed this concept with their popular yes thank you robot “Elisa”, which can be integrated into its Facebook page.

Who is Elisa? 

Easy Live Sales consists of a small passionate team that started focusing on the Social Media robot called Elisa full time in 2021 after several Corona lockdowns. Since then, many companies have used the system with great success to handle live sales, chat, order processing and payment.

One of Elisa’s many customers that has embraced the concept during the lockdown is the Helm store. With more than 200 years of experience, Helm delivers quality goods in the form of bags and leather goods from both the store and the webshop.

But the experienced bag retailer is not shy about putting innovative methods into use to stay competitive.

Once the customer has paid, we receive a packing list from the printer, and when we scan it, shipping labels come out. Before, we had to enter the system and check if the payment had gone through and then make a shipping label manually for each order. Now we are talking about 200 orders that were to be packed every Friday after our “Bag Thursday”. The integration between Elisa and Webshipper has removed the manual process in relation to freight handling.” 
Nina Helm Head of Marketing, Helm
Nina Helm

With hundreds of orders placed for their live sales on Facebook, the leather bag store has had great success in offering a closer shopping experience.

How it works

When a store wants to showcase items through social media, a store employee starts “streaming live” typically on Facebook. With his or her smartphone on a tripod and the camera on, the employee can now welcome potential buyers and show the store’s items one by one.

These items have an associated number, which is presented along with the price.

Often, a sale and promotional items have the greatest attraction value, and therefore viewers are encouraged to strike quickly. However, some stores also display items at normal prices.

The live sale typically lasts one to two hours, and can create significant earnings.

What does the Elisa-robot do?

The smart yes-please robot makes your sales from live streaming on Facebook easy and automated. Once you have made the decision to drive sales from social media with Elisa, you need to create product rules and texts through the Easy Live Sales system, which takes about 20-30 minutes. Now you can start livestreaming on facebook.

Product rules are the automated regulations that the customer writes in the comments field, such as “Blue pants M”. The system will recognize this comment, which is in accordance with a product rule, and the customer will then receive an order link in Facebook Messenger, which must be filled in and paid for before the transaction is completed.

How it looks when Helm livestreams every "Bag-Thursday".

The link can either be a direct link to the webshop or you can use a checkout link from Easy Live Sales.

By choosing Elisa’s checkout module, checkout will take place in the same way as usual when customers buy from the webshop. Here, Webshipper will interact with Elisa and automate all order, customer and delivery information in the store’s backend.

The process for shipping your new orders thus works in the same way as usual if you use Webshipper in conjunction with Easy Live Sales.

A hit during lockdown – but has come to stay

Although the concept is new to most people, Christian Vester, Sales Manager for Easy Live Sales, believes that the lockdown has given extra impetus to the sails. What might have taken 7 years for consumers to adopt has now only taken 7 months.

Both stores and customers have had to jump in the deep end and try out this new shopping experience.

Also at Webshipper we see a great potential already and estimate that in the future even more of our users will request a solution that creates a presence on social media while all order handling is easy and automated.

Read more about Elisa here. 

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