Podcast #13 Louisiana Channel – A digital work of art

Picture of Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

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Some associate museums with words such as old fashioned and outdated instead of young and innovative, but the museum Louisiana has succeeded in renewing itself in a modern and innovative way through Louisiana Channel. A non-profit production unit with videos that focuses on pictorial artists, designers, architects, writers and musicians including their work and what it means to be an artist. A universe that has succeeded in capturing an extremely rare target audience: Men at the age of 18-35 who constitute 60 % of the viewers. But how has Louisiana succeeded in creating such an innovative initiative and target one of the most difficult audiences? Listen and get the answer below, or read more about Louisiana in the blogpost: Digital marketing – When video is key  and receive further advice on how to create valuable video content.  

Furthermore, Louisianas Head of Digital Peder Wuth gives you tips and tricks to how you too can innovate your marketing strategy.  

The episode revolves around the following subjects:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:18 Introduction to Louisiana Channel 
  • 04:41 The importance of Louisiana Channel in relation to the museum 
  • 06:51 Louisiana Channel and subscribers 
  • 08:52 To reach target groups 
  • 11:33 Louisiana Channels significance for the future of the museum
  • Tips and tricks
    • 12:53 Digital marketing – A way to obtain guests
    • 14:36 to be patient 
    • 15:36 Be aggressive in your marketing method