Panagora is a digital agency specialized in e-commerce. With two decades of b2c e-commerce experience and being involved in more than 10 of the largest b2c e-commerce stores ranked by online revenue in Sweden. Panagora knows how important it is to work with the right partner. Panagora and Webshipper share the same understanding and vision about making e-commerce as streamlined as possible. 

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Together with our partners, we can help to create value for your business.

We offer to call you and have a non-committal talk, where you will be guided to the best solution for you.

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Why use Panagora

1. Panagora offers a long time experience in creating market leading and beautiful e-commerce shops

2. Panagora can help you with all from strategy, design, implementation and coding

3. They have developed their own string and industry leading e-commerce platform.

3. Panagora offers Shopify and Shopify Plus solutions

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Webshipper and Panagora

Webshipper and Panagora share the same understanding and vision about making e.commerce as streamlined as possible. Panagora delivers state-of-the-art e-commerce, and Webshipper offers an industry-leading shipping platform fully integrated into your Panagora shop.

The shipping platform lets you generate shipping labels, display shipping options, and drop points in checkout.

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Track and Trace

Send branded tracking emails to your customers


Automatic Print

Print and enclose invoices, parcels slips, and return labels.
Automatic print with a single scan.

Return Portal

Let your customers return their orders easily with your return portal.