Textile Logistics

Textile Logistics is a third-party logistics specializing in fashion and textile businesses. They provide a broad range of services. Connect to Textile Logistics and ship anywhere with more than 50 carriers Worldwide.

The #1 Textile Logistics Warehousing shipping integration

By integrating Textile Logistics and Webshipper we can help you with

Automating your order and shipping handling. Return-portal, paperless customs. Automatic printing of shipping labels, display dynamic pricing in the checkout, and much more. Connect Textile Logistics with your favorite carrier and start shipping worldwide. Simple and easy.

1. Connect and Ship with Textile Logistics

Ship your orders with +50 carriers, worldwide.

2. Combine checkout and Carriers

Why not offer the best carriers in checkout and print shipping labels automatically?

Powerful API integration

Let’s build your success together. Our API sets your imagination free

Webshipper and Textile Logistics

In conjunction with Textile Logistics, we provide the opportunity to integrate and fully automate your orders; you can even use our API to build custom solutions within your warehousing solution.


1. Dynamic pricing

Flexible shipping solutions – When you want to send a parcel via Webshipper on e.g., 1 kg, Webshipper’s system automatically finds the shipping service that matches the requested service.

2. Print Shipping labels

Add invoices, delivery notes and return labels to your parcels. Automatically print all you need in one go.

3. Simple and effective

A user-friendly and straightforward booking system – Webshipper is a lightning-fast booking system that is simple to use.