Podcast #12 Louisiana – Between Corona and webshop

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

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Corona has been an obstacle for a lot of people, but it forced the museum Louisiana to think disruptively after the shut down of the museum, which functioned as a catalyst for the launching of Louisianas webshop. According to the Head of Digital Peder Wuth, the launching process was an example of how much that can be accomplished through a massive drive and determination. A process that required adjustment in order to attract attention from the users of the museum, and has not at least shown how a museum can find the balance between sales and commercialisation.   

In the episode, we focus on the webshop in relation to Corona, and last but not least Peder gives you tips and tricks to how you can have your webshop exposed.   

we focus on:

  • 00:00 Intro 
  • 00:22 To run af webshop during the Corona-crisis
  • 02:13 Corona and webshop proces
  • 03:32 Why Louisiana decided to choose Webshipper
  • 05:56 Marketing and webshop
  • 08:39 Web and the future
  • Tips og tricks
    • 10:57 The use of SoMe-channels
    • 11:29 Create commercial- and digital activities 
    • 13:29 Choose a range of products that stands out