How to send meal boxes and wine bottles online

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The shipment of wine and food to private consumers has exploded in recent years, due to an increased interest in online shopping and delivery, this is probably due to factors such as coronavirus and an increased desire for convenience in a busy everyday life.

However, not all carriers can handle perishable goods and fragile wine bottles. Vine and food often require gentle treatment in the sorting facilities. 

Therefore, if you ship food, it may be worthwhile to use a freight agreement with a carrier that can handle your perishable goods or wine without damaging the contents of the package.

Send wine and food with Burd Delivery

Burd Delivery is Denmark’s new delivery service, specializing in same-day delivery.

Foods are an awkward size to handle as it typically does not last more than 12 hours in transit. Burd Delivery has a unique notification flow. The parcel recipient is notified early in the day upon departure of the parcel. 

A live tracking link is sent to the customers 45 mines before arrival to promote high success rates.

The production of packaging has evolved dramatically, and it is now possible to get packaging with freezing elements that will keep your goods fresh even longer.

If you want to ship food, Burd Delivery recommends implementing a sound advisory system so that there is always proper expectation reconciliation with the recipient. Burd recommends advising the recipient two days before delivery when shipping subscription goods, making it more convenient for the customers to adjust accordingly.

Get started shipping wine and meal boxes with Burd Delivery here.

Send wine and food with Budbee

Budbee is very successful in handling food and wines. Budbee handles the boxes gently, which minimizes damage to contents and packaging. Budbee can handle packages of up to 20 kg per package.

With Budbee’s home delivery, it is possible to have its goods brought directly to the door at an incredibly competitive price.

Budbee has been very successful with its same-day delivery that improves the customer experience and significantly contributes to satisfied customers, with a higher propensity to shop again.

How to send wine with Budbee

Remember to be careful not to leave extra space in the box and avoid the bottles’ knocking against each other. The boxes must be able to handle the weight of the contents without bursting as well as being able to be stacked.

All boxes must be closed and sealed securely.

Contact Budbee and send wine here.

Send wine with Danske Fragtmænd

Danske Fragtmænd currently offers (17 / 07-2020) wine shipping to consumers in original packaging, as they have a gentle sorting facility. However, it is still advisable to provide proper packaging that protects the wine bottles from bumps and vibrations.

Danske Fragtmænd picks up your parcels and delivers them the next day throughout Denmark, including bridged islands – quickly and conveniently.

Read more and contact Danske Fragtmænd

Send wine with Best Transport

Flexible and eco-friendly home delivery of wine and food. Best Transport has been offering home deliveries in Sweden and subsequently in Norway and Denmark since 2014. From 2017, Best Transport has been able to provide same-day-deliveries in Copenhagen and Oslo. The home deliveries are delivered between 18.00 and 22.00 on weekdays and weekends in Sweden.

Customers choose the solution at Best Transport

“We are continually trying to push the boundaries of what we can offer e-commerce and their customers. Diversity is the keyword here. Customers have very different needs, and therefore there must be a solution for all types of companies. Best Transport runs everything from food deliveries, wine, clothing packages, to fresh flowers.

Thinking out of the box is our top competence, with over 40 years of experience in Transport.

In Sweden, we are in the process of facilitating E-commerce’s massive quantities of returned goods, by offering return collection directly from home. Flexible delivery options that enable consumers’ everyday lives, we believe, are the key to more satisfied customers,” says Kitte Filtenborg, Marketing & Sales Director at Best Transport Danmark ApS.

Best Transport has specialized in the transportation of wine bottles in original packaging. The gentle sorting facilities and focus on beverages and food ensure the safe delivery of wine and food in Sweden and Denmark.

How Best Transport provides meal boxes climate-friendly

Best Transport’s technical solutions, such as GPS tracking, give the consumer a complete overview of their delivery, down to the last mile. Best Transport offers climate-friendly transportation. The organic meal box supplier Aarstiderne gets their meal boxes delivered with climate-friendly Best Transport cargo bikes in Gothenburg.

Contact Best Transport

Send wine and food with Webshipper

Webshipper provides an automated shipping solution that lets you create shipping labels and send your beverages or food with a wide variety of carrier. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution that enables you to ship with your preferred carrier in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Contact sales here and learn how we can help you