With Webshipper’s automation tool, GrejFreak has resolved its bottlenecks and saved 500 hours a year on order management. Enabling them to optimize and develop their business so that they can spend their time on excellent customer service and day-to-day delivery, up until 9 am.

All of our order management has been automated through Webshipper, which has been important in the next step in our growth strategy. It saves us both time and money, while at the same time also making it easier to onboard new employees at the warehouse because it's super simple to use the system.
Kristian Rasmussen Co-founder, GrejFreak

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After implementing Webshipper in their shop system, GrejFreak has achieved several valuable improvements in daily work.

GrejFreak is now able to ship more packages much faster than before, they have also been able to move the intersection of how late in the day their customers can order the item and have it shipped the same day. Also, they have experienced fewer picking errors in the warehouse, and they can train new warehouse staff much faster.

Grejfreak can spend more time on marketing, operations, procurement, and everything that drives the business forward. Simultaneously, Webshipper facilitates easy and quick implementation of new delivery methods, enabling them to obtain more and better deals on freight agreements with the various shipping carriers.

With an expected 60,000 orders shipped in 2020 and 30-second savings per order, GrejFreak can expect a 500-hour decrease in order management in 2020.

GrejFreak - 500 timer sparet

500 hours saved

60,000 orders each year have saved GrejFreak 500 hours in order management

GrejFreak - Flere leveringsmetoder

More shipping options

GrejFreak can offer their customers better and more flexible shipping options

GrejFreak - Kundeservice og indkoeb

Support and inventory

With automated shipping GrejFreak have more time for their customers and better inventory management


How GrejFreak saved 500 hours in the warehouse with Webshipper

GrejFreak is a well-established webshop, known for its wide selection of the best gear for hunting, military and outdoor. Kasper Pedersen and Kristian Rasmussen founded GrejFreak in Casper and Andreas ‘parents’ garage in 2008, but today they have grown out of the house and have established a 1,000 m2 warehouse in Aarhus. In its e-commerce system, GrejFreak was limited by several bottlenecks. They could not display more than two delivery methods, and the warehouse had to navigate through multiple systems to pick, pack, ship, and bill their orders. It involved, logging into one system for printing invoices, and another system for generating shipping labels.

A long and cumbersome process that increased the risk of errors and cost valuable time.


In our future journey, we would like to go abroad, and we see Webshipper as an essential partner in this journey, as we can easily and quickly handle orders for this, and we can focus on products and customer service that will fit into that market.
Casper Pedersen Co-founder, GrejFreak

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