Get ready for this year’s Christmas sales

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

Soon, Christmas sales are upon us and for the last years we have seen a rapid development in shipments. We predict that this year will be without exception since more people have resorted to online shopping due to the Corona-situation. An unfavourable consequence for retail owners but a beneficial effect for webshops and online traffic in general. 

In the following, Marketing Consultant Simon Bak Andersen and Webshippers CEO Thomas Andersen provide you with a great amount of webshop related advice, as to how you prepare yourself for this year’s Christmas sales.

E-mail marketing – How to target 

One of the important things that they point out is the importance of E-mail marketing. It is crucial that you create an E-mail flow that can pick up permissions and process them. Due to your flow you should create a marketing funnel but also in relation to which customers you wish to target. And remember! All messages do not fit all people! Whereas some customers need to be influenced by branding, others need to be influenced by interaction such as downloading an E-book. But always remember, in the end of the funnel is a purchase. No matter what, you need to be able to guide the customer through the funnel due to customer needs.   

And not least, prices on advertising are increasing through November and December which means that you will end up paying more pr. sale. 

The art of Shipping

A subject in relation to shipping that they point out is what carrier to choose and which kinds of shipping to put at your customers disposal. They advise you to give the customers at least 3 or 4 choices within shipping such as:

  • Private delivery 
  • Parcel Shop 
  • Flex delivery
  • Business delivery 
  • Day to day delivery 

However, larger brands mostly focus on omnichannel such as click and collect. In that way, parcels can be collected directly in the shop, but also be returned online. 

Collecting Data

One of the things to consider in relation to data is how it is advantageously optimized. In relation to shipping, it is extremely important to be in track of your product feed. If you have a webshop that has various products, keep in mind that when uploading your products you need to have a goal in mind in relation to which data you wish to collect. You do not want to have data that is sporadically dispersed. In order to keep track of your data, you can profitably use a PIM-system (Product Information Systems) which helps to optimize your data. You can profitably consider which data to be delivered to other systems than PIM. It is also an idea to create a flowchart-diagram in order to keep track of your data. 

If you wish to have further advice, please have a listen to our three sectioned episode “Get Ready for Christmas sales” from our podcast “Ship It”: