Digital marketing – When video is key

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Marie Andersen

What is best practice when it comes to digital marketing? Our experience is that the main object is to be innovative and seek to be one step ahead of your competitors in creating digital content that captures the attention of your target audience. Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge your limitations. It is impossible to excel in everything, why highly skilled collaborators is a must in achieving the right message and creative output. But what is innovative digital content and how do you succeed in capturing and sustaining the attention of your target audience?   

Louisiana Channel – A strategic work of art

Even though digital content can be founded in creative and unstructured processes, determination, focus and not least a well formed strategy is, from our experience, key to be ahead of your competitors and to achieve the best communicative tool.

One example of an institution that has succeeded immensely in creating an effectual strategy and capturing the attention of a former unreachable target audience is the museum Louisiana.

With the online video platform Louisiana Channel, the museum has managed to gain a YouTube-community with over 148.000 subscribers, and capture the attention of men between the age of 18 and 35, since 60% of the channel viewers are men within this age. Highly unusual in a cultural context according to Louisiana’s Head of Digital Peder Wuth, who emphasises that the success did not occur overnight. Since the formation of Louisiana Channel back in 2012, the museum decided to create a firm and clear strategy before launching, since strategy is key according to Peder. Louisiana wanted to be a part of the new digital Youtube-era and visualise art and the artistic work in a qualified and leading manner, and show the artistic work from a personal view. Last but not least, they wanted to create a platform which worked as a self-contained unity without a direct connection to the museum itself and its art exhibitions. A strategy that paid off. According to Peder, one of the most essential factors in the success of the platform was the combination of the museums ability to follow their gut when they noticed a lack in the artistic communication and video materials on YouTube, plus their ability to seek a different path within the communication of arts, as opposed to their competitors. 

Choosing the right platform  

To use a video platform with a clear strategy in mind is essential if you ask Daniel and Bettina Weissensteiner from the video production company Augenblick Film. Besides being able to communicate with your target audience, you also have the opportunity of collecting useful data and see how your target audience behaves in relation to your videos. Besides collecting data, which is a key factor, you also have the opportunity of adding CTA’s (Call to action) and communicate in a direct manner. 

Video content – Means to an end

Even though video content is highly used and regarded as a must have-content, Daniel and Bettina emphasise that video content must be created and used with a purpose. Just as Louisiana, it is crucial that you create a communication strategy from the beginning with a clear purpose of what you are trying to achieve, since the video has to be seen as a means to an end. It is important also to include your target audience in your communication strategy, since there are numerous aesthetic paths when it comes to video content. 

Branding-videos in high quality can for instance be used for customer testimonials or situations where a professional output is key, whereas hand-held camera aesthetics can function in a quirky or personal manner. No matter what, you have to take your target audience into account, in order to sustain your recipients. 


To build af crowd

Additionally, consistency and personality is key. According to Daniel and Bettina, it is crucial when building your crowd. A clear communication strategy combined with the correct aesthetics equals trust, and creates a bond between you and your recipients. Furthermore, taking a clear stand regarding your strategy and aesthetics is important. Even though you may wish to widen your communication in order to create a larger crowd, you have to remember that every brand is not for everyone. Be niche to have success. This also goes when choosing your streaming- and SoMe-platform. Every platform communicates differently in relation to target audiences. 

A way to create a crowd and create a personal and direct communication strategy could be in the form of webinars. A digital content form which is highly used among our customers, and with great success. By using webinars you, first of all, have the opportunity of saving a lot of money by not having to rent seminar rooms. Furthermore, there are no limits when it comes to webinar participants, which means that you will have the opportunity of gaining a larger reach. As opposed to physical webinars, your participants also have the opportunity of asking questions through the webinar on chat-facilities.   

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