You have probably already noticed that we around a month ago changed our company name from Webshipr to Webshipper and furthermore published our new logo and visual identity. Our current customers have been positive about the name change and new customers are now more easily able to relate to our company name.

But why the name change? We’re currently in a phase where we slowly start to open up to new customers from various countries throughout Europe and our product is in high demand from an increasing amount of companies, couriers and possible partners. Because of that, we need to be easy to recognise wether you are from Denmark, Norway or the Netherlands.

Hard to pronounce

We have created a video showing random people trying to pronounce our former name compared to our new. Look at the result here:

Even though we have been through a name change, new logo and visual identity, we’re still delivering the same as before: Automated logistics flow and delivering our customers with the best service and support.

New version of Webshipper coming up

A lot of our time is currently spend developing and preparing version 2 of Webshipper and there is much to look forward to. For example you will be able to use our printer client on both Windows and Mac, customise order specifications and tracking mails totally, and define your own filters for orders and shipments.

We are slowly starting to move test customers to the new version of Webshipper and we can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

Welcome to the new Webshipper 🙂