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Webshipper introduces Cost Control & Dashboard

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

Since we launched Webshipper, we have specialized in being your leading choice of shipping engine. We have worked immensely on developing from being a shipping engine to being a complete analytical tool. During 2020 and 2021 we have had great focus on making our product even better, and we have invested large parts of our resources on developing valuable functions and features for our platform which makes Webshipper easier and more efficient to use.
With the following episode of our podcast “Ship It” we provide you with an insight into our coming features Cost Control and Dashboard plus the advantages that follow. 

Cost Control

First and foremost, we present our function Cost Control that gives you the possibility of saving money on your shipping bill. Until now, we have specialized in automating shipping and label printing, but with Cost Control and the underlying features, you will achieve a full overview of your shipping costs in an automated and intelligent way. 

Cost Management 

(Podcast 01:45)

The main part within Cost Control is the Cost Management-feature. You can upload your pricing agreement from your carrier directly into Webshipper. You also have the possibility of looking up your shipping costs, to which we save the shipping price in order for you to devise a rapport. In relation, you will have an overview of all costs. We are, furthermore, in close dialogue with carriers and are able to suggest price examples. 

Carrier Invoice Audit 

(Podcast 02:35)

With this exact feature we give you the opportunity of uploading your invoice from your carrier in order to see what the price would have been.. Hereof we can point out the parcel that constitutes the difference in price. Carrier Invoice Audit is to be launched during Spring 2021. 

Tender Management

(Podcast 3:25)

We are also able to upload new pricing deals from a carrier. if you have a calculation from your current year you can, by uploading your new offer, deduce what the price would have been. 


(Podcast 09:47)

Dashboard is the new black! With this feature you will have an overview of heatmaps due to shipments, keep track of tracking mails that have been delivered plus a status on your shipments. Among other things, you will have a widget that focuses on your processing time of orders through the entire process. Furthermore you will have the possibility of gaining an overview of:

  • your return shipments
  • The amount of parcels you receive to how many you ship
  • Your average price on orders
  • The complete number of parcels shipped 
  • The time of day to when you receive the largest amount of orders 

We create a division in services, whereas you have the opportunity of having an overview of what your customers choose. We provide you with an overview of carriers and services. Who succeeds and who the customers choose.

If you wish to have further info about the various features please follow the links below:

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