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Connect your apps to Webshipper and automate workflows. Be more productive with the more than 3,000 web apps for Zapier.

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The advantage of Zapier

The Zapier integration allows you to connect your Webshipper account with more than 3,000 awesome web apps and be more innovative and productive. We are linking to Zapier because we want to offer our customers the best and most flexible solution. Therefore, with Zapier, there are no limits to how you can customize your Webshipper solution. How about sending a Trustpilot invitation when the parcel is delivered or message your Slack channel when you receive a new order? The possibilities are endless, and the flexibility helps you automate and innovate your e-commerce business.

Send a Trustpilot invitation one day after fulfillment

Send a Trustpilot invitation 18 hours after delivery

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