We are looking for a passionate Ruby on Rails developer to help develop our online shipping platform with users in all the Nordic countries.



Webshipper is growing rapidly and because of that, we are in need of a passionate Ruby on rails developer.

You will be joining a crucial part of our team of four developers, where cooperation, good personal relations as well as a great drive are an important basis for a positive workday.

You will be involved in optimizing and scaling the businesses of our customers through our innovative shipping solutions.

Your workday

As a developer with Webshipper, you will be working on the Webshipper platform, which our customers use on a daily basis to process orders and shipping.

The Webshipper platform is based on Ruby on Rails, and it will thus be hugely advantageous if you already possess the expertise necessary to work with Ruby on Rails.

Aside from the platform itself, you will be assisting in maintaining our third party plugins, which integrate external systems with the portal’s REST APT. Because we develop integrations for open source e-commerce platforms, primarily, all of the plugins that we produce are written in PHP.

As a developer for us, you would also be involved in supporting daily customer issue, this is especially the case in areas where Sales and Support cannot resolve an issue.

Naturally, your time will primarily be focused on dedicated and undisturbed developer hours, which are planned according to the SCRUM principles.

Technology Stack

– Ruby On Rails
– Sinatra
– Sidekiq
– Redis
– RabbitMQ
– Vue.js
– AWS Fargate / AWS RDS
– Docker
– Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery

Your profile

We are looking for people, who possess a great drive and are independent by nature.

You love being a developer and working with open source, and you have an easy time familiarizing yourself with new technologies.

You are passionate about delivering the best possible customer experience, and creating value through the solution that you deliver.

You are well capable of expressing yourself in Danish and English, both orally and in writing.


We can offer a flexible work environment with positive energy and a great attitude. We also offer a remuneration model with fixed compensation and retirement benefits, health and dental insurance plans, paid phone usage along with a mobile phone and a laptop computer.

You may apply for this vacancy until the 15th of August, 2018, and you will be starting as quickly as possible.


Webshipper ApS, Lyngbygade 8, DK-8600 Silkeborg

Apply for the job

To officially apply for the position please follow the few steps below:

#1 Complete the test found here:

#2 Send the test along with your Name, e-mail, phone and skype information to jobs@webshipper.com

#3 Please send your expected monthly salary for working for us fulltime

#4 Await review of the test

After we have reviewed the test we will inform you if you are qualified for an interview.

Shortly after the interview we will let you know if you are hired.