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Webshipper unviels new carrier partner: DACHSER

We are pleased to present Dachser as our new carrier partner. This partnership gives you the shipping-opportunities your business needs. We believe that you should be able to offer the best delivery options for your customers, which applies to both B2B and B2C.

You get even more opportunities for global distribution through various transport networks from/with/through Dachser.

Dachser is an expert in large-scale freight and overseas shipping. They offer logistics and IT solutions for soft packages, food, large pallet deliveries, etc. Their knowledge and experience ensure safe and straightforward shipping for you and your customers, no matter the type of product you are selling.

Dachser has complete control over customs regulations – they are experts in both export and import from Europe, so you avoid any concerns.

In these times, Dachser has taken every precaution in shipping during the Corona pandemic.Dachser is an obvious opportunity for companies with a large amount of B2B sales and deliveries.


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