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#3 In Dragons Den

In this episode of Webshipper’s podcast Ship It, we have the privilege of having Andreas Beck and Nikolaj Viborg as our guests from the merged Danish company Dialægt/Citatplakat, who specializes in creating perso-nal and funny posters and greeting cards.


Andreas and Nikolaj include us in their journey of entrepreneurship from before and after their participation in the Danish version of “Dragons Den”. Before merging with Citatplakat, Andreas and Nikolaj participated on their own with their company Dialægt, in which they succeeded in co-llecting an investment of 1,2 mio kr. for 20% of the company from the two dragons Jesper Buch and Jan Lehrmann. After, their two biggest rivals at the time, Kasper Lauersen and Oliver Hansen from the Danish company Citatplakat, who also participated in an episode of “Dragons Den”, likewise succeeded in collecting an investment with the same amount of 1,2 mio. Kr. for 20% of the company from the same two dragons. However, the in-vestment was only made possible if Ciataplakat and Dialægt agreed in merging. A merge that was initiated by one epoch-making phone call.

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