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#2 From Garage to Gazelle

In this episode of Webshipper’s podcast Ship It, we welcome Andreas Pe-dersen, Head of Logistics, from the Danish company GrejFreak, who re-veals their secret behind the company’s massive success. For one thing, GrejFreak has succeeded in creating continual growth during a stabile pe-riod of years and achieved winning the Danish prestigious entre-preneur award Gazellen for four years successively.  

Despite few business skills, Andreas’ brother Casper Pedersen and his friend Kristian Rasmussen plunged themselves headlong into a world of hunting, military, and outdoor equipment. A world that turned out to be epoch-making for the dynamic duo since GrejFreak runs one of the lea-ding Danish companies within their field. Besides revealing how Cas-per, Kristian, and Andreas have succeeded in taking over the market of hun-ting-, military-, and outdoor equipment, Andreas also reveals the secret behind their massive growth and prosperity, to which he makes one thing clear: It begins and ends with the customer. 

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