How Shaping New Tomorrow automated their order flow with Webshipper | Webshipper

How Shaping New Tomorrow automate their order flow with Webshipper

Webshipper is an integration, which we use to automate our entire order flow. A complete automation, which allows us to spend much more time on all the things that are even more important for our business.

Christian Aachmann | co-founder and marketing director at Shaping New Tomorrow.

Shaping New Tomorrow

Widely known for “The Perfect Pants”, Shaping New Tomorrow is a lifestyle brand that offers comfort and quality merged into one in elegant and comfortable clothes for men. With a beginning and an investment that quickly meant a high rise in sales, the young men behind Shaping New Tomorrow were blown away by orders. Orders they at the time were handling manually with a rather long process. The process involved copy-pasting customer addresses from the website’s back-end and into a program, which generated the labels. The process cost them a lot of valuable time, which could have been used much more efficiently on other areas. Webshipper, as co-founder and marketing director, Christian Aachmann, states, was one of the most important partners in solving this problem. 

It’s automated. That’s what’s so awesome about it. However, if I need to go access the system manually, I can log into the portal, find the order and resend or correct what needs correcting.

– Sebastian Juul Jensen | Customer Relations Manager.

How Webshipper helped Shaping New Tomorrow

After implementing Webshipper in their systems, Shaping New Tomorrow has experienced large improvements in their order and shipment flows. SNT is able to ship their packages much faster than before. Webshipper receives all the necessary information immediately as soon as the order is proceeded, and sends it to SNT external warehouse facility where the staff only need to handle picking, packaging and dispatching.

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