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Apoteka developes digital solutions that supports efficient and safe medication of patients: The vision is to create an online pharmacy in which patients in a safe manor have the opportunity to but their medication, receive guidance and support – in one online solution

Apopro supported by Apoteka 

For one thing, Apoteka has built an platform that runs Apopro online pharmacy – the largest online pharmacy in Denmark.

When it comes to medicatio medication, it is extremely important that the customer feels safe and secure when using the website and purchase. Apopro makes it easy, safe and anonymous when choosing medication. Furthermore it will be delivered quickly, while the professional guidance is right at hand.

For the customers of Apoteka and Apopro, it is extremely important that they receive their medication on time. They have to be able to send in an extraordinary fast manor, and be sure that no orders delays or even worse, gets lost. 

speed  and precision is therefore essential and enormously important for their orders and shipments.

In collaboration with a new pharmacist we had the opportunity of building and open a new online pharmacy. We had less than 12 months to air which meant that we were in a hurry – a hectic period for us. 

Martin Glesner | Founder & CEO| Apoteka



It is impossible to be great at everything so we chose to focus on being great at our job, and let others handle transport and logistics. 

With Webshipper we received an easy and quick solution to connect us to different carriers – it was easy to get going and easy to integrate our webshop. 
It has been a pleasure with the simple and fast possibility of adding more carriers along the way. 

With a fast growing business, it is necessary to develop and thereby also expanding with more carriers. We have been able to make this possible within few minutes by using Webshipper. 

The solutions which Webshipper supplies makes it possible for us to focus on all the other areas of our business – the areas that makes us extra qualified. 


Our costumers are glad because of the possibility of having their medication delivered directly to their doorstep. Often on the same day in which they order – quickly and cheap. At the same time, they receive a personal guidance along the way through anonymous chat- and telephone correspondence. Furthermore, several are also glad because of the opportunity of buying a huge range of high quality pharmacy products. 

We are glad that Webshipprt are brilliant at handling their part – so we can be brilliant at ours. 

Martin Glesner | Founder & CEO| Apoteka

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