Automatic Order and Shipping Management for Hardware Stores

As a hardware store, you most likely have many orders in your online shop, which must be handled quickly and efficiently to achieve happy and satisfied customers. That’s why it’s important to give them the best possible experience when shopping in your shop.

With Webshipper you can create return portals, display dynamic delivery methods and shipping prices at checkout – completely automatically. You also have ongoing access to new features and integrations – all in an intuitive platform.


Print shipping labels and send tracking emails

  • Print shipping labels automatically
  • Easy navigation in your orders with corrections and additions
  • Quick setup of freight rates at checkout
  • Intuitive setup of delivery methods in the box
  • Print told document
  • Connect your carriers with a few clicks
  • Plug and Play with e-commerce platforms

Easy access to your orders

Hardware stores need fast and efficient shipping of orders. Therefore, Webshipper integrates with your shop so you can process and ship your orders quickly and efficiently. The scan and print function makes it possible to scan and print delivery notes, package the order and print shipping labels completely automatically. We support regular barcode scanners, but also offer an app for smartphones.

  • Compatible with shop systems such as WooCommerce, Shopify, SmartWeb, Dandomain, Magento and many more …
  • iOS and Android App
  • Built for online pharmacies and materialists

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Simpelt setup

1. Easy integration to your shop

Connect to your hardware store in seconds and show shipping rates and shipping methods at checkout.


2. Automatic printing of shipping labels

Automate your shipping labels and put your printer on autopilot.


3. Automatic order processing

Set rules for your products and put your orders on turbo mode.

Time efficient and easy

Automatic order and shipping processing saves time for hardware stroes. The administrative part of the work is automated and simplified in several areas. It releases the time for much more, while eliminating shipping errors so you avoid worries about delayed packages, errors and sending tracking notifications.

    • Scan & print
    • Simpel og intuitive platform
    • Tracking notifications

What our customers say

Webshipper is an integration that we use to automate our entire order flow. A complete automation that allows you to spend much more time on everything that is important in the company.
Christian Aachmann Co-founder og Marketing Director | Shaping New Tomorrow
Loved by companies throughout Scandinavia

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