New feature: Automations

Welcome to our first (of many) product updates.

This will be a bi-weekly blog post, that will update you on everything that is going on at Webshipper.
Any announcements or new features will be posted here.

We have a lot of exciting features in the works, but our most prominent recent release is our “Automation” option.

There is really no limit to what you can do with this function. Here’s a quick look at how they work:
How to use automations

But how does it work in everyday workflows?
Let me give you a few examples:

1. Automatically send return labels in E-mails (Link)
2. Define warehouse locations (Link)
3. Update attributes (Link)
4. Merge Bundles (Link)
5. Update Order lines (Link)

… And much much more.

This is our way of acknowledging that each of our customers are different, and so are their workflows.
So once you’ve mastered the automation feature, you can adapt Webshipper to suit the way your business works, in even the smallest aspect.

If you need any help setting up automation, have a look at our ever-expanding support site or send us an e-mail at, with what you would are looking to do, and we’ll set it up together.

New carrier: Burd

We are happy to announce that Burd Delivery has joined our variety of carriers.

According to FDIH, 60% of new customers would not choose a webshop, if the delivery was to slow or too expensive.
To help get around that, Burd has chosen to offer same-day delivery, at very competitive prices.
The parcel you send, will be delivered between 5.30 PM and 9.30 PM, and the customers are notified 30 minutes before, they arrive.

You can read all about Burd, and their take on how delivery should be, on their webpage.