Reimagine logistics & cost optimisation

Take advantage of our modern shipping platform and make informed decisions to cut costs and improve performance.

Dashboards &
Data insights

Get valuable data insights to optimise your shipping process, costs and performance. 

Intelligent Shipping Rates

Ship orders utilising your shipping costs. Empower your salesforce to ship via the best, fastest or most environmentally friendly option available or let you customers choose.

Cost Control

Take back control and start price negotiations with preferred carriers instead of handling manual invoice control and tender management.
Stop paying invoices blindly.

From a single source of truth, cut costs & improve your logistics

With Webshipper you can connect your ERP, WMS, finance, support and e-commerce solution to help you manage the way your salesforce and customers place shipments.

Based on our shipping engine we have developed Cost Control – a set of features amid towards reducing costs and optimising your logistics performance.

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A shipping engine, at its core

At the core, our cloud-based shipping platform integrates seamlessly with your ERP, WMS, finance, support and e-commerce solution. All in the effort to provide a powerful and scalable solution to automate shipping, label-print, customs, tracking and returns.


Webshipper is an integration, which we use to automate our entire order flow. A complete automation, which allows us to spend much more time on all the things that are even more important for our business.
Christian Aachmann Co-founder og marketing director, Shaping New Tomorrow
Let us explore improving cost & logistics

Through a discovery call, we will explore your current needs and future goals. Additionally will understand your current ecosystem of ERP, WMS or e-commerce to deliver our recommendation to optimise your logistics.

Cut costs and optimise your logistics with:

  • Webshipper’s Shipping Engine
  • Dashboards & Data Insights
  • Invoice Control
  • Tender Management
  • Intelligent Shipping Rates

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Shaping New Tomorrow

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