Introducing a New and Improved Webshipper Experience

New Design and Performance Improvements

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Every feature release moves Webshipper forward, but the major ones produce substantial leaps for our user’s workflow.
When Webshipper 2.0 was released in 2018, it brought a whole new approach to order and shipping management for e-commerce merchants.

Now in 2022, we are ecstatic to unveil a design overhaul for Webshipper 2.0. We haven’t reinvented the platform – we have made it more user-friendly and reduced clicks necessary to complete any task.

It took months of hard work and a complete rebuild of our infrastructure, but the work paid off. Webshipper will revolutionize your workflow and unleash more time than ever before.

Important - This is a major design-release, and that's why we recommend that you read this article carefully.

Design System

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Design System is the single source of truth that forms the base for you to interact with the platform.

Implementing a new design system enables you to use Webshipper faster and with fewer clicks than before, cut through workflows, and shorten time-to-fulfill-orders while maintaining the great features Webshipper is known for.

The new design system includes:

Revolutionize your workflow, and boost your business with a faster, and more reliable shipping platform

Manual shipments

A new and fast way of accomplishing manual shipments. 

Sometimes it is necessary to create manual shipments, that’s why we have to build a new manual label creator that works like an e-commerce checkout flow.  The system enables you to create shipments lightning-fast in the checkout-like flow. We even give you real-time shipping rates across carriers, allowing you to choose the best option for you and your customers.


It should be easy to connect to your existing ecosystem. We are happy to report that we have simplified the process of connecting to your systems from a new and uncomplicated menu.


Juggling print jobs, decoding errors… forget about it.

We added a new print client panel displaying print errors so you can identify errors and quickly continue your workflow.
Inside Webshipper go to shipments click print status, and click on the top-left icon and you will be provided with print status.

Quick View

Pay attention. It might be a bit geeky. We’ve reduced the number of clicks necessary to view essential data, updated the menu, and introduced a slide-in menu that gives quick access to crucial data with a single click.

The overall improvement will give the user a faster and better overview of orders and shipments. It might seem like Webshipper has it all, but it’s just the start, and there’s much more yet to come.

Important note about the update

This is a significant design update. However, all features stay the same. The update is about making it faster and more convenient to interact with Webshipper. There will be no compatibilities issues, and you will not have to do anything yourself. Webshipper is cloud-based, and we will roll out the update beginning on the 1st of February 2022.