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Apport is a warehouse management system based in Denmark. With the Webshipper integration for Apport, you can automate all shipping activities and get a fully automated end-to-end order flow.

Apport has been developed inventory management systems (WMS) since 2000 to help companies increase their warehouse efficiency by creating an overview, minimizing errors, and inventory losses. Apport WMS uses the latest technology, such as voice control, voice picking, barcodes, and wireless data capture, thereby ensuring structure and overview of the warehouse and logistics operator's everyday life.


As your warehouse grows, it quickly becomes an inefficient and incomprehensible way of operating. Automated workflows produce an overview for warehouse employees, enabling them to do their job faster and better. With an easy-to-use system, Apport, WMS streamlines your inventory by 25-40 percent and makes your warehouse a more pleasant place to work.


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