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Combine carrier and shipping methods in checkout

Why use one carrier? Surveys show that customers are keen to choose convenience over price. Combine more than one carrier in your checkout flow with our +50 international carrier integrations and give your customers flexibility when choosing a shipping method. 

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Easily integrate all carrier pickup destinations and let your customers choose their favorite parcel shop.

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“Webshipper is an integration, which we use to automate our entire order flow. A complete automation, which allows us to spend much more time on all the things that are even more important for our business”

Christian Aachmann | co-founder and marketing director at Shaping New Tomorrow

Shipping rates in checkout

Compatible with most shop systems.
Integrate the checkout feature in major e-commerce systems and take advantage of optimized checkout features. You can set up shipping rates based on cost price, offer free shipping, or set up shipping rules based on basket size, item types, SKU and much more. 

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