Webshipper dashboard gives you the overview of your orders, shipments or costs. You also get a graphic overview of several shopping preferences for your customers.

Order overview

Gain more insight of your order processing, returns and average price of orders. The insights make it possible for you to optimize your ordering processes.

Shipping overview

Get the overview of your shipments, your shipment status and order status. Gain customer insight:

  • From where in the country / world do your customers shop?
  • When do your customers shop and which carrier & services do they prefer?¬†

And does your carrier live up to its agreements?

Keep track of whether your orders are in transit, delivered or delayed.

Case Studies

Shaping New Tomorrow

How Shaping New Tomorrow automated their order flow with Webshipper.

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Webshipper helps MESSAGE to turn online order and shipping processing run exceptionally smooth.

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