Shipping Dashboard

The Webshipper dashboard gives you an overview of your orders, shipments and costs. You also get a graphic overview of shopping preferences for your customers. All you need to know about your daily logistics is located right here.


Order Insights

Gain more insights into your order processing, returns, and the average cost of orders. Insights enable you to optimize your ordering processes.

Understand Your Customers

    Create an overview of your shipments, your shipment, and order status and gain essential customer insights:
    • Understand customers delivery preferences
    • Dynamically adjust delivery options so they stay relevant to your customers.
    • Pinpoint trends in delivery performance
    • Keep track of your shipments

Case Studies

Shaping New Tomorrow

How Shaping New Tomorrow automated their order flow with Webshipper.

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Webshipper helps MESSAGE to turn online order and shipping processing run exceptionally smooth.

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