Stay on top of Your Logistics With Cost Control

Webshipper is more than a powerful shipping engine. In addition to saving time and optimizing your order and shipping process, we now give you the opportunity to gain insight into your shipping costs with a array of features making it easy for you to analyze your charges. This is a great tool to view your carrier services and acquire better quotes.

Cost Control - Spar penge paaa dine fragtomkosninger

Easier Management of Shipping Costs

Get full transparency of your shipping costs from all of your chosen carriers.

Upload and edit carrier agreements directly into the Webshipper platform. Export shipping cost data in your WMS or ERP system in order to automatically calculate the total cost of an order.

Connect the carrier agreements to the freight calculation at checkout. This way the cost of shipping will be visible for your customers when ordering and shipping will never be a cost for you again.

Keep Track With Carrier Invoice Audits

Let consistency and finances go hand in hand. Compare invoices from your carrier with the carrier agreement uploaded in Webshipper. An easy way for you to check your invoices for contradictions.
Use your insights and data to negotiate new carrier agreements or monitor unexpected costs.

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