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Podcast #2 From Garage to Gazelle

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

#2 From Garage to Gazelle

In this episode of Webshipper’s podcast Ship It, we welcome Andreas Pedersen, Head of Logistics, from the Danish company GrejFreak, who reveals their secret behind the company’s massive success. For one thing, GrejFreak has succeeded in creating continual growth during a stabile period of years and achieved winning the Danish prestigious entrepreneur award Gazellen for four years successively.  

Despite few business skills, Andreas’ brother Casper Pedersen and his friend Kristian Rasmussen plunged themselves headlong into a world of hunting, military, and outdoor equipment. A world that turned out to be epoch-making for the dynamic duo since GrejFreak runs one of the leading Danish companies within their field. Besides revealing how Casper, Kristian, and Andreas have succeeded in taking over the market of hunting-, military-, and outdoor equipment, Andreas also reveals the secret behind their massive growth and prosperity, to which he makes one thing clear: It begins and ends with the customer


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