After Dragons' Den Denmark

Get an overview of our enterprising customers who have participated in the TV program, Løvens Hule.

*Some cases below is only in Danish

Løvens Hule (The Danish version of Dragons' Den)
has been a kickstarter for several webshops
- and Webshipper is proud to be their shipping service

Season after season, Løvens Hule is shown across the screen on DR1 every Thursday night. Here, Danes with great interest follow which budding and inspiring start-ups and companies are allowed to bring home an investment. The lions, or investors, are well-known businessmen and women such as Jan Lehrman, Jesper Buch, Mia Wagner, Christian Arnstedt and Jacob Risgaard.

*Some cases below is only in Danish

Sitting in each their leather chair, they are with critical eyes and tough questions ready with investment in their pocket to buy percentages of hard-working companies with the best ideas to help them further on their journey.
Some of the companies we have the great pleasure of following.

Frederik IX Studios - logo
Bold Drinks - Logo

Bare En T-shirt

For some, T-shirts may seem basic and trivial but for four friends Anthon Louis, Frederik Pitter, Mathias Klitgaard and Frederik Skovgaard-Holm, T-shirts equals an endless pursuit of perfection. A pursuit that began in 2016 as a start-up project with the company Bare En T-shirt but quickly developed into an all-important passion. 

With volume comes challenges which we use Webshipper to solve, both regarding shipments and returns which we are extremely happy to make use of. So are our customers.
Frederik Pitter Co-Founder & CFO, Bare En T-shirt

Shaping New Tomorrow

Widely known for “The Perfect Pants”, Shaping New Tomorrow is a lifestyle brand that offers comfort and quality merged into one in elegant and comfortable clothes for men. With a beginning and an investment that quickly meant a high rise in sales, the young men behind Shaping New Tomorrow were blown away by orders.

Webshipper is an integration, which we use to automate our entire order flow. A complete automation, which allows us to spend much more time on all the things that are even more important for our business.
Christian Aachmann Co-founder and Marketing Director, Shaping New Tomorrow


The story of Dialægt/Citatplakat is indeed interesting yet heartwarming; From two similar webshops and consequently devoted rivals to become strong partners in prints. But first, we need to go back in time. 

Founded in the early months of 2015, had a vision of selling simple but humorous posters with the premise of funny Danish quotes and especially jolly catchphrases i.e. “You are freaking Amoosing” accompanied with a graphic image of a moose. 

Fast and reliable order management is a key element in our poster scaleup and we have used Webshipper from the beginning. Webshipper has helped us having a bird’s eye view of our rapidly increasing order volume and the confidence to make fast production promises to our customers.
Andreas Beck CTO & Co-founder, Dialægt/Citatplakat

Copenhagen Cartel

Every year when the season of the monsoon arrives and the ocean currents change from west to east, Bali’s famous beaches are buried with up to 60 tons of plastic waste every day.

The young adventurous dane, Katrine Lee Larsen, worked in Bali and experienced the essence and beauty there is to Bali, but also the incredible sadness that the ocean hides.

Katrine knew she had to approach the issue from another angle. The answer would become her own sustainable and regenerating brand, Copenhagen Cartel.

The Webshipper platform has solved a big challenge for us as they have an integrated collaboration with our physical warehouse. We have experienced exceptionally good and fast customer service - this is crucial for us, as we need to take care of any problems and challenges as soon as possible.
Katrine Lee Larsen Founder & CEO, Copenhagen Cartel


Mette Lyngholm had one vision. To create sportswear for the woman who loves to move, whether the day’s training is about fitness, running, boxing, strength training, or yoga, the clothing is created for movement.

Eydas collection is even designed with the fit in mind and supports the right places. In addition, it stays where it should.