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In July 2020 Webshipper integrated to Zapier’s more than 2000 apps. 

But is it necessary to integrate to that many? Probably not. But we are sure that you will find some great integrations for you. 

Zapier’s integrations are based on “triggers” and “actions” which give you the possibility to achieve actions based on specific needs. You will get a dataflow from one app to another. 

With Webshipper you can get the following data information:


  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Shipments
  • Tracking events


  • Create order
  • Create shipment

For instance you can make a dataflow between Webshipper and WoCommerce, Shopify, Magento and many other e-commerce systems. 

You can easily send Trustpilot notifications based on your shipments. With the basis of shipments and not orders, you can assure your customers won’t receive a rating notification before they have picked up their order. 

Furthermore, you can integrate email marketing systems. MailChimp, Active Campaign and others among them, offer integrations to Zapier. With these integrations you can send specific types of news or emails based on specific orders, products or shipments. 

Zapier also offers integration to your Facebook Lead ads, LinkedIn and to more than a thousand other incredible systems, so you’ll have the necessary data for automated, smart workflows. 

More about Zapier

We have made a small guide with some of the possibilities of how to use Zapier with Webshipper. Learn more about the integrations - download the guide or try 2 weeks for free at Zapier.com. 

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