Paperless Customs

Jonas Raaschou

Jonas Raaschou

Content Manager

Create and handle your customs documentation digitally through Webshipper and discover how your shipments clear customs faster and more efficient. By implementing this affective and straightforward solution, you will avoid delays and deliver international shipments by time.

Paperless customs enables you to create and send electronic invoices. The service is free and eliminates the need to print and enclose physical documentation in the package. The benefit is less time spend on documentation and a reduced environmental impact.

Paperless customs have many designations, but the most used ones are; Paperless Customs, Paperless trade, Paperless invoice, and Electronic trade documents.

The benefits of Paperless Customs

There are several advantages to using paperless trade when shipping paperless outside the EU. It is essential that the customs authorities, in the Country concerned, can charge the correct amount. The customs documentations need to contain the following information; HS code, Country of origin, and unit price.

Usually, the customs clearance is manually calculated based on the enclosed invoice. However, paperless trade cuts that process away, which results in faster delivery times because the shipment is sent directly to the receiver. No more waiting for the parcel to clear customs – the customs are charged automatically.

It is easy and straightforward to set up paperless trade in the Webshipper app. Although you need to have paperless initiated in your contract with the carrier – but that should be straightforward as well and online within 24 hours after activation.


Ship paperless with DHL Express

It is essential to sign up for paperless trade in your DHL Express contract. Contact your DHL account manager to get paperless activated. After activation, all you need to do is to toggle paperless on in the Webshipper Platform. Read more here [External link]

Ship Paperless with UPS

At UPS, the product is called Paperless Invoice, and the procedure is basically the same. It’s free, and you can be up and running within 24 hours. Send a photo of your letterhead and your signature to get started, click here to read more and sign up for UPS paperless. When enabled at UPS, you can allow paperless in Webshipper with a few clicks.

Ship Paperless with FedEx

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. FedEx allows you to create electronic customs documents. It’s super easy to set up. Remember to have paperless activated in your contract with FedEx. Following that, you can toggle paperless on and off with a single click on the Webshipper platform.

Now you should be ready to start shipping internationally. If you have any questions regarding your setup and paperless, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.