Tracking E-mail as a Marketing Platform

Jonas Raaschou

Jonas Raaschou

Content Manager

Due to the large amount of adds we are exposed to on a daily basis, more and more people decide to use add-blocks or even percolate sales and marketing-mails.

In Denmark we expect to receive a tracking mail as soon as our package has been sent, in order to trace the package to have an idea of delivery. 

tracking mails are not only important but also the types of mails that have the highest open rates – which many open several times in order to check up on their packages. 

So why not take advantage of your content in your tracking mail?

Depending on which type of product you are selling, there are pros and cons in relation to adding further content in your tracking mail.

Mails should be short and precise, in order to make sure that the customer reads the most import part of the mail or clicks on a specific link. 

But would it not be awesome if the customer would return – Or even rate you on Trust Pilot?

Use your tracking mail for marketing

First of all, you have to remember that tracking information still needs to be flagrant. Next, you can add your wanted message.


For instance, you can run a retargeting campaign that shows which products he or she has been looking at, or related products for the purchase.   

there is a fine line between too much and too little. Depending on your products and prices, retargeting can be and incredible tool that quickly and easily pushes your customers towards further purchases, since they already  have shown an interest in your product.

There are different ways to handle retargeting campaigns:
1. Brand targeting: You will be visible and create brand awareness.                   
2. Product retargeting: You will show relevant products and reactivate your customers. 
3. Video retargeting: You will show or tell a story or show new relevant products. 

Discount Codes and Special Offers

Furthermore, you can offer a discount code. Discount codes can be an advantage since you encourage your customers to shop again – then of course, you will need to back it up with your amazing customer service in relation to their current purchase. 

You can define the discount code whether it needs to have an expiring date or to how it fits into your exact marketing strategy. 

Competition or gamification

You can also take a more alternative approach – contests or gamification. Gamification is the new black within online marketing. In most mailing systems you can integrate competitions and gamification, where your costumers will have the opportunity of winning a price by integrating even more. 

Social media and the development within online shopping has heighten expectations for our customers, why it can be a great advantage to lure your customers to re-buy through prizes.

Does it sound like something that would fit your webshop, then check out the large selection of fun and efficient gaming concepts at LeadFamily who are experts within online gamification. 

Rating and TrustPilot

Last of all there is the most employed – rating of customer shopping experience. A large range of webshops and online businesses are hooked up to TrustPilot. Customer evaluation and online safety is, as most people know, important to secure customers plus a revisit. 

Therefore, the classic rating evident to place in your tracking mail is evident to place in your tracking mail. Either the first mail or your delivery confirmation, in order for your customers to rate their experience while it is fresh in memory.

… And make sure that the mail is send from you – not TrustPilot. 

So, What to choose? 

Make sure that you only use one of above at the time. As said earlier – do it precise and short, so you make sure your customers gets the message. 

Be creative.