The Swedish Amazon is here!

Picture of Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen

Amazon is, in all probability, the largest contender within e-commerce and besides being known as a marketplace and “the everything store” the e-mastodont has been known for ruling the markets in which they enter. 

Now the mastodont has entered Sweden and the question is to which the Swedish population should consider Amazon a friend or a foe. 

Due to the advent of Amazon, Swedish Amazon expert Anna Nordlander says her piece on how the Swedes should benefit from Amazon and how to succeed.

How to conquer Sweden 

In Anna’s opinion, one of the reasons why Amazon is a large contender within e-commerce is because of their ability to focus on customer needs and create high valued customer loyalty. They have become an e-commerce ecosystem and in theory, customers do not have to seek other markets in relation to their position as a marketplace and a so-called “everything store”. 

Now Amazon has launched in Sweden but according to Anna it will take a while for Amazon to conquer the market, since the Swedish population is already used to most of the services that Amazon brings, such as fast and free shipping and great prices. Plus, the Swedish consumers already have a fairly advanced webshop- and e-commerce presence. Only “the everything store” and marketplace experience is specialized and unknown to Sweden.

As a customer you will have to keep in mind that Amazon has a general communicative approach in relation to its customers, which can lead to a lack in customer service. 

If Amazon wishes to win over the Swedish consumers they will have to change the behaviour of the consumers, since the Swedish population is used to shop from product categories. Last but not least, Amazon will have to cooperate with big international and local shops. Perhaps, you are the shop they need? 

How to succeed

According to Anna the Swedish population has a sceptical approach towards Amazon since they all in all consider them a threat. Retail owners may struggle while webshop owners should use the advent of Amazon as an easy way to gain traffic. However, if webshops wish to succeed and gain trafic they will have to work from a consumer perspective as a main factor. Anna mentions, that one of the best ways to succeed in Amazon is first and foremost to check out one’s competitors. Study what your competitors are up to plus which price margins they are working with. Also, you should take a close look at your own prices and rethink whether your product will bring anything new to the market and last but not least potentially re-develop your product. Besides, you should always have a native speaking consumer service in order to succeed. It is crucial for your credibility and communication plus it is what the Swedish population expects. 

One of the things that webshop owners tend to forget, according to Anna, is to have your research in order. You should focus on SEO, keywords and image and always try to test your product on a specific audience. 

If you wish to have further advice and whish to know more about the Swedish advent of Amazon, please have a listen to our episode The Swedish Amazon from our podcast Ship It: