The Story of Webshipper #Nofilter

Marie Andersen

Marie Andersen


”Code . Sell . Celebrate . Repeat”

Six years ago Thomas Andersen and Mathias Salomonsson decided to take up the struggle against the world of existing shipping businesses within e-commerce, with the dream of becoming the leading software business within logistics and shipping, in the world. With a vision of redefining and simplify shipping by increasing time-savings for businesses as a core value, the two friends formed Webshipper with the tagline: Connect, Ship, Grow !

“That Shipping Thing Must Be an Easy Thing to Solve”

With a massive drive and the head held high the two guys stepped into an unfamiliar world with the naive assumption that changing the world of shipping would happen overnight. Luckily, they became wiser. Barricaded with a ton of Redbull and days without sleep, Thomas and Mathias quickly discovered a missing link within the shipping industry. By visiting different carriers and glancing at their competitors they discovered two important factors: How the customer was second priority, and how conservatism was the leading role instead of innovation and re-thinking. 

”Appreciate the Customer & No Bullshit”

With the mantra: Customer focus, celebrate and get feedback, Thomas and Mathias created a long termed strategy with customer service and- focus as the most crucial strategy-points, since customer service had to be in the centre of all decisions. No customers, no business. A focus that Webshipper still maintains. With a vision of the costumer being able to focus on their passion, their business, Thomas and Mathias kick started the first prototype of Webshipper, which later on has developed into the version we know of today. With the prototype they created the foundation of Webshippers No Bullshit-strategy. A 6-point strategy which definitively made the way for simplifying the shipping process, still with a constant focus on customer-service:


“Guys in a church”

Introduced to a world of terms such as API and EDI the development went fast, and from being only Thomas and Mathias the two of them hired their first employee, Rasmus, who is still a known face of Webshipper today. From wanting to overtake the world of software companies within Shipping and logistics from Mathias’ couch, the three of them moved into their first real office: A rebuild church thanks to Mathias’ father – the architect guru. The development went fast, and in Autumn 2017, the three guys had reached their goal: Signing 400 SMB-customers plus enhancing their work staff to 6 churchmen. 

“One kick-ass team”

in spite of the church-office, six employees and a constant growing group of customers, Thomas and Mathias dreamed of bigger scaling. A dream that came true in 2019 when VækstPartner Kapital became part of their business journey. The six churchmen succeeded in growing from 6 til 26 employees with different executives and managers, Product Management-, Customer Service-, Onboarding-, and a Marketing department with a costumer growth at 1000+ customers. A kick ass-team that constantly takes the business to new heights, and on a daily basis becomes closer to Thomas’ and Mathias’ original goal, of being the best business within their field.  

“On a mission with a vision”

Even though Webshipper is on their way to take over the world, the business only wants to succeed even further with bigger ambitions and greater goals. Before the world becomes their oyster, the partial goal is to be the fastest growing platform in Europe pr. 2025. Furthermore, Webshipper aims towards a yearly growth at 100%. With Denmark and Norway as the current primary markets, the goal is to conquer countries such as Sweden, Finland and Poland, plus creating Webshipper-locations within the countries.

“…Now walk the talk and Ship IT!”