Order Channel integrations – Q1 2023

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Webshipper Customer Support

We would like to communicate the upcoming changes and news about our order integrations. In this update, we will provide an overview of order channel integration changes and how they will affect your business from January 2023. 

Shopify changed subscriptions   

As of January 1st, 2023, stores on Starter and Basic plans (globally), will no longer be able to request access to the Carrier Service API. The option to request access by transitioning to annual billing or by paying an additional monthly fee for these plan types will be removed by Shopify.

  • Stores on Advanced and Shopify Plus plans will continue to have access to Carrier Service API.
  • Stores on Shopify plans can continue to request access by contacting Shopify Support.
  • Stores on Starter or Basic plans that were previously granted access are not impacted by this change.

Should however, your Webshipper rates no longer be visible in the checkout after the 1st of January and you are on a Starter or Basic plan, then you will need to contact Shopify Support for access to Third-party Carrier Rates.

For more details, see Shopify’s announcement here:


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The Amazon Integration

The Amazon integration is currently under maintenance and will be relaunched by the end of January 2023. We expect the integration to be fully relaunched and ready for new connections by the end of January.

Current integrations are not affected and can continue business as usual.

WooCommerce logo

New update available for WooCommerce

We have just updated our WooCommerce plugin to match the latest requirements for WordPress. Therefore, we advise all customers to update their Webshipper Automated Shipping Plugin in WooCommerce to the latest version.

  • If you have other plugins connected to your shop that may impact the way you handle shipping, please always make sure to run a full backup before doing any updates.
  • If you in help with Webshipper and WooCommerce, please read more here:


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