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After Black Friday and the Christmas Sale you might be ready for your business to scale globally. But where to start? And which markets are relevant for your products and competitive for your business? 

When it comes to branding and marketing our partners are ready to help you if you need any answers for that. They are the experts.

At Webshipper we are experts on automations, offer technical support and simple solutions when your business grows. 

In the article we will focus on what you should be aware of when you want to scale globally.

New carriers 

If you are thinking of adding new carriers or services to your checkout for your customers we are ready to help. Get an overview of your current carrier agreements or setup new carriers – quick and simple. 

We have a large number of carriers and we are ready to set up new carriers as soon as the need arises. You only need to find the carriers or services you and your customers find necessary to give you all the flexibility you need.


Starting shipping globally, there’s a lot of things you need to be aware of (link til e-bog).

One thing when shipping outside of Europe is the customs. And it can be unmanageable

and difficult – but with the right data it can be done simple and automated. 

It’s all about collecting the right data from your shop then sending the customs in the right form to the carriers.  

With an automated dataflow you’ll make sure the right data always reaches the carrier and you will save a lot of time. And even better – fewer mistakes will occur. 

Emails and notifications 

A minimum for shipping global is for your customers to get the necessary information and notifications in English. Of course information in the origin language would be to prefer.  

We know it can be confusing and sometimes seem unnecessary but it can mean a big difference for the customers. 

Studies have shown that Scandinavian are satisfied with reading in English but there’s still a larger number of the Swedish population who prefers reading in Swedish. 

Are you shipping to Germany or France, you can expect a lot of inquiries and support if you only communicate in English. 

Take a look at the market you want to enter and your resources to have the best solution. 


Each country has different types of customers who buy different kinds of products. Therefore, when scaling globally you might need to take a look at you orderflow for a different approach. 

In time you might even notice a huge request in a specific country and if this country is out of the EU, you might consider having a warehouse in that country to save time and money on customs – it benefits both you and your customers. 

Carrier quoting

As a supplement to your new carrier agreements your rates in checkout need to be updated. Your price sheets and checkout rates need to be aligned. Otherwise you will have a big loss on your international shipments. 

With Webshipper you can set rates at your checkout based on various parameters to assure you won’t lose money on your shipments. 

You can show rates based on your price sheets so that you for instance always will earn 5% extra. You’ll also have the possibility to show rates based on different services so that shipments to the countryside or out of city-areas will give you a higher income, if the costs are more expensive to you. 

At Webshipper we can help you automate the above so you won’t have any frustrations or worries when it comes to your shipments. 

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