Save paper and labels – A sustainable solution at Webshipper

Jonas Raaschou

Jonas Raaschou

Content Manager

At Webshipper we do everything we can to make our solution so easy and automated for our users.
Our customers save both time and money with automation.

There are often errors when you have to manually enter and copy your order information to the relevant shipping carrier.

An error may mean that the carrier cannot accept the package, that the package is not delivered at the right time and place, or for any other reason ends up returning to the company. In addition to unsatisfied customers, this also means a repackaging in the warehouse and another round of papers in the form of labels, etc.

Webshipper offers an automated solution that saves time and saves paper use. Who wouldn’t want to be just a little sustainable?

Automatic label printing

With a Webshipper label printer, your system is set up to retrieve all data from your order. This way, your pick lists, leaflets, or package labels will not fail.

Should there be an error in the order you will be notified online before printing. Order errors can be, for example, if the customers address or mail is not valid. (This can be set up in most webshop systems, so only valid addresses and emails are accepted)

Paperless customs

If you ship outside the EU, we can also provide automatic paperless trade (customs documentation).

If it is new to you to send abroad, remember to add tariff numbers to all products in your webshop and choose for your checkout which countries you want to send to.

Practically, Webshipper retrieves the order with customer information, tariff numbers and recipient country. Then a PDF is generated with all information that is automatically sent to the carrier.

Not all transporters support paperless trade yet. So check with your carrier – can they receive paperless trade, simply inform them if you want to use it over physical documents.

Online return portal

In the system we also offer your customers that they can return online. This means that your customers can login with their mail and order number. Here they can see all the items on the order, choose which item(s) they want to return and why. Eventually, they can choose whether they want to exchange for a new or get their money back.

Once the customer has gone through all the steps, he/she will receive the return label in their mail.

You can see an example here as well as see how to set up your return portal.


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