How to optimize your e-commerce shop with Klarna Shipping Assistant (KSA)

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Let me tell you a story about a man called Jack.

Jack has the overall responsibility for a medium-sized e-commerce shop as an e-commerce manager. He has optimized the shop in every possible way through product recommendations, detailed product descriptions, SEO optimization, and so on. 

The marketing department sends beautiful and relevant newsletters, so Jack has everything in control.


Or did he? Well, not quite.


As it turns out, Jack has optimized the shopping experience, but what about the delivery? Like many other e-commerce shops, Jack’s organization had chosen to implement a standard module that shows delivery options from the most popular freight companies.

But what about the customers? Did they receive a great delivery experience? 

The company is relying on the carriers to notify the customers. The problem, however, was that the carriers did send awkward tracking notifications, often without a link, forcing the customer to copy-paste the tracking number into the track and trace lookup on the carrier’s website.

This solution typically resulted in many resource-demanding inquiries occupying customer support; the worst thing, however, was that the returning customer rate dropped rapidly, probably because of the faulty delivery experience.

It was clear to Jack and his team that their delivery model needed some adjustments.

Jack and development had a meeting and identified where the model could be improved. They decided to integrate their system with the carrier through an API. Which unfortunately rose the next headache….

What about new delivery options and what about shipment abroad?

So Jack and the development team had another meeting, development told him that they had to maintain the integrations and spend a couple of weeks developing every time they needed a new carrier or shipping method.

Time went by, and development continued to postpone the solution because no one knew how to approach this situation correctly.

Although this is a sad and frustrating story, you can take comfort in knowing there’s a solution to the dilemma.

Hello Klarna and Webshipper!

Webshipper and Klarna Shipping Assistant (KSA) was the right solution for Jack and his team. 

By the end of the blog post, you should know everything there’s to know about Klarnas smooth checkout solution for e-commerce shops.

Klarna Shipping Service (KSS)

KKS is a service within Klarna Checkout, which enables the merchant to display shipping options and shipping prices within Klarnas user-friendly checkout module. Klarna calls this feature “Klarna Shipping Assistant” The goal here is to make the checkout flow as smooth and easy as possible to give the customers the best incitement for converting right away.

I guess you could say that Klarna Checkout with Klarna Shipping Assistant is a one-step checkout on steroids. Anyway KSA gather all the different customer experiences flows in one final solution:

Buy – tracking – Delivery – Return

The photo below displays Klarna Checkout. The real magic happens within the underlying technology. Here’s how:

Klarna has, with Shipping Service, made it possible to collect shipping methods, shipping prices, and drop points directly from Webshipper and display them in checkout. It allows you, as a merchant and Klarna Checkout user, to offer your customers improved shopping experience.

The shipping labels are generated and printed with a single click or scan in Webshipper. Webshipper sends tracking information back to Klarna when the shipping labels have been created, and the shipment is ready for shipping. All tracking information is displayed within the Klarna App, allowing the customer to follow the parcel. The Customer can even ad delivery instructions to the carrier.

Easy Shopping – Easy Shipping

With a single blow, Jack has effortlessly eliminated all the delivery frustrations. The warehouse staff can pick, pack, and complete the order while Klarna Shipping Service and Webshipper automatically keeps the customers notified from checkout to delivery. 

What are the advantages of using Klarna Shipping Assistant and Klarna Checkout?

Research* indicates that the consumer is significantly more likely to shop on a particular website if it can offer the customer an expected delivery date and an opportunity to track the package. 5% of all customer service inquiries refer to “Where is my package?” which, of course, requires resources and could easily be avoided with a proper tracking experience.

*Narvar, 2018

How did Jack and his team benefit from Klarna Shipping Assistant

  • He regained customer satisfaction.
    • The consumer want’s flexible delivery methods
  • The complexity dropped notably for the customer.
    • The customer receives a better user experience
  • Jack has improved the CTR
    • Personified delivery methods have resulted in fewer “left baskets.”
  • Jack dictates which delivery methods he wants to offer. Webshipper and Klarna handles all the technicalities

You should now have a better understanding of Klarna Shipping Service and how it can help your business grow. It’s all about user experience and how you can give your customer the confidence that it is safe, fast, and easy to shop at your e-commerce shop.


Feel free to book a demo or read more about Klarna Checkout and KSA at Klarna.

Book a demo and learn how to get started with Webshipper and Klarna

Read more about Klarna Checkout

Read about the Webshipper Klarna integration

Try it for yourself try Klarna checkout demo store


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