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Jonas Raaschou

Jonas Raaschou

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Returns of goods are always cumbersome. For some customers, it is also a barrier to online shopping. Fortunately many of us have become accustomed to it and today there are now more flexible solutions.

It is not only cumbersome, it is also a major factor in the impact on the environment. Online shopping has its advantages, but when it comes to shipments, we can not get around the fact that shipping is not environmentally friendly. Not only do we want to have our item shipped, but the return rate for the very large stores is over 50% (source). This is an expensive cost for you as a store and webshop owner.

Our pattern of actions when it comes to shopping is just one of the many factors for the development – it has changed and consumption has increased. We have gotten used to returns and our available amount has increased, which is why more people are also very likely to buy more than they need “just” to have it or to try it.


Fortunately there are many solutions to avoid the high return rate and also save unnecessary paper waste. We have previously written about paperless solutions for you and your customers. DAO, Postnord and Bring offer labelless solutions so that your customers are not required to have a printer when they have to return some items. You do not have to enclose a return label in each order, and your customers can simply write a code on the package, which the carrier transcribes into a label with all the necessary info.

Return labels in each order can increase your return rate more than necessary as it becomes so easy to get rid of an item if one is the slightest in doubt. As mentioned earlier, the tendency may be that the customer does not necessarily think the product is ugly, bad, or otherwise does not live up to expectations. But if the customer is the least in doubt, a return label that almost screams “we get many items returned, use me, to send your dubious items back ”, will be the easy way to get rid of it for the customer.

Easy, online return solution

Besides all the talk about labels, return slips can also be cumbersome. Should the customer print these themselves, and what info have we transferred to this note in relation to how easy it is for the customer to identify the product?

With an online return portal, your customers can easily answer all questions and reasons for returning, so you have all the information in advance.

You get rid of a lot of paper that may or may not ever be used, and your customers get the documentation for the return immediately.

If you connect a labelless solution, the customer can receive a code so that they can send their item(s) back without having to print a return slip and label.

An easy and convenient solution for both you and your customers – and it’s a green way of life, without all that paperwork.

Read more about the Webshipper return portal here or go to setup and examples later in this blog post.


Webshipper return portal

We offer a customized solution that is set up according to your needs, so that you and your customers get the most simple solution.

A customer simply logs in to the return portal by writing their e-mail and order number. That way, the customer can see the items he/she bought and is free to pick the item and to choose the reason for returning. After this, the customer will have to choose whether they want an exchange, their money back or a credit (gift card / voucher).

You can set the reasons for the return, which your customers must be able to choose from, as well as what options there should be for a refund.


  1. Login with email and order number
  2. Choose items to return
  3. Choose reason for returning (and add comment) 
  4. Choose form of payment/refund
  5. Return 
  6. Customer gets confirmation email and return label or labelless code


You can read more about this way of setting up a return portal right here.

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