Webshipper unveils new carrier partner: Link Logistics

Jonas Raaschou

Jonas Raaschou

Content Manager

We at Webshipper are pleased to present Link Logistics as our new carrier partner. For you as a webshop owner, this partnership will mean that, when you use Webshipper, you will also have access to Link Logistics. This will give you even greater ease and convenience of delivery at a highly competitive price.

Link Logistics is a shipping broker and the benefits of using Link Logistics are:

1)   Customized transportation
2)   Secure and convenient export facility
3)   Simple, user-friendly booking system

Mikael Christensen, National Strategic Sales Executive at Link Logistics, explains these benefits:

1. Customized transportation

How does the Link Logistics integration work? When you want to send a parcel via Webshipper that weights, say, 1kg, Link Logistics’ system will automatically find the most appropriate type of transportation.

‘Our system is a bit like an airline comparison site,’ Mikael Christensen explains. ‘You tell the system your shipping information – for example, the required delivery time – and you’ll see the different types of transportation we offer. We have a wide range of different shipping companies in our system, which means you are able to choose the one that delivers exactly what your customers demand. Especially in the clothing industry the customer has very specific demands for delivery, and our solution allows you to serve your customers better.’

2. Secure and convenient export facility

Do you want to expand into other countries? Or do you already export, e.g. to Sweden? Then Link Logistics offers the perfect complementary service to Webshipper.

‘Over the years, we’ve developed deep knowledge of the requirements of each country,’ Mikael Christensen explains.

‘We act as advisors for retail customers, as well as webshop owners. That means we’ll always be able to guide you through the specific customs rules and documentation required for each country. We also know which shipping company to choose for each country. If you got one favourite, that shipping company might not be the best choice if you want to export in Europe. Our system collects all your exports to different countries in one place – ensuring that they are delivered in an efficient and timely fashion.

3. Simple, user-friendly system

Finally, Link Logistics, like Webshipper, has focused on developing a booking system that’s easy to use.

‘For example, our system is being used by a large Danish pharmaceuticals company, where everybody from doctors to researchers and secretaries book shipping – without having to contact their logistics department,’ Mikael Christensen explains. ‘This saves them time when delivering parcels either nationally or internationally. If you are a webshop owner, this means that you only have to use one logistics system to get your products delivered.’

The Link Logistics platform allows you to choose between three different levels of transportation:

1)   Link Courier
This is a standard courier service preferred by webshop owners.

2)   Link Freight
His is an air freight solution that is more expensive than the standard courier solution – but more flexible for international transportation.

3)   Link Special Service
Among other benefits of this service is an On-Board-Courier option. For example, if you’ve made a new, expensive hearing aid, Link Logistics offers a staff member on board to take care of the prototype and deliver it personally to the recipient.

‘It’s easy to navigate our system. You don’t have to divide your deliveries into 5 different cars to meet your customers’ expectations. You simply choose among the options in our system, and we provide the best possible transportation solution according to your wishes,’ Mikael says.

So, the benefits of Link Logistics are that you don’t have to use different systems in order to book a carrier: billing, customer service and pickup of your parcels are centralized in one place. That gives you more time to grow your business and focus on what you’re good at.

We at Link Logistics and Webshipper make it possible for you to fully integrate and automate transportation, logistics and warehouse management. Get in touch with us at Webshipper to find out how we can help you.

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